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Valve bag introduce


Valve pocket, also known as square bottom bag, material mainly includes PE (polyethylene)

It is a new type of packaging to improve the speed of loading and the grade of export products. At present, it is mainly suitable for export-oriented enterprises. After loading and palletizing, the product is placed on the pallet with wrapping film, which is standard and meets the requirements of foreign countries. At present, this kind of packaging is widely used in chemical fertilizer, polyethylene resin, epoxy resin, starch, putty powder, carbon black, etc, PE plastic film valve pocket as the leading packaging, at present, ionic resin, TPU resin, calcium chloride, carbon black, sodium formate, and some pharmaceutical intermediates and other high value-added chemical products mostly use this kind of packaging. In addition to the characteristics of PP woven bag, this product has more beautiful and generous printing. In addition, anti skid lines can be added to increase the friction between palletizing bags and increase the height of palletizing. And the recycling value is particularly high.

The valve pocket is a kind of packaging bag which can realize high-speed quantitative filling by putting the valve port at the top or bottom of the bag into the material filling port of the valve pocket filling machine.
It adopts different types of valve ports to adapt to different types of valve pocket filling machines and packaging product types. It uses high-strength kraft paper or paper plastic composite cloth, which has high firmness and strong impact resistance. It can automatically fill up the long square body after it is filled with materials, which is convenient for orderly stacking. It is suitable for packaging granular, powdery and ultra-fine powder materials. It is an environmental protection type of packaging bag commonly used in the world, especially suitable for export enterprises.
The appearance of the valve pocket
Valve pocket valve port can be divided into: outer valve port and inner valve port
Application features of valve pocket: high speed filling, flexible valve port, neat packing, firm and reliable;
The bottom forms are: square bottom, seam bottom and easy to pull bottom;

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